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Car hire with driver. Prices for rental.

Tariffs for rent a car with driver:

  • "Hourly". The cost is calculated based on the number of rental hours. Minimal order of car business and Executive class is 4 hours, medium and economy class – 3 hours Additional charge for the 1 hour car delivery.
  • "Working day". Rate is valid on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00.
  • "Transfer". Designed for trips to the airport, valid for 2 hours.
  • "Airport to airport". Perfect for a trip from one a irport to another, valid for 3 hours.

    When overage rates "Shuttle" and "Airport" cost is calculated based on the tariff "Hourly".
    Rates are valid from 10.00 to 20.00. The cost after 20:00 is increased by 30 %. After 00.00 rental with driver is possible only by agreement.
    At weekends prices increase by 30% from the website.
    It rounds to a full hour (no matter how many minutes have passed).


In summer (15 April-15 September) the prices for the rental with a driver Friday, Saturday and Sunday will increase by 30% from the website. Minimum booking − 5 hours + 1 hour of serving.

Car class

Min. hours

working day/weekend

1 hour, rub. "Working day", rub. "Transfer", rub. "Airport to airport", rub. MKAD, rub/km


( 4000 rub/day)

3+1 / 5+1 700 5000 -- 3200 10


(4000-5500 rub/day)

3+1 / 5+1 900 6500 3600 4100 12


(5600-7800 rub/day)

4+1 / 5+1 1200 8600 4800 5400 15


(5500-7800 rub/day)

4+1 / 5+1 1300 9400 5200 5900 15


(7900-10800 rub/day)

4+1 / 5+1 1400 10100 5600 6300 20


(10900-15000 rub/day)

4+1 / 5+1 1600 11500 6400 7200 20


(15000 rub/day)

4+1 / 5+1 3000 22000 12000 14000 25

Today many people have realized the convenience and comfort of renting a car with driver. This is due to the huge number of factors, among which the most important are:l

  • status;
  • convenience;
  • comfort;
  • security.

Rent a car with driver in Moscow.

Rent a car with driver in Moscow is quite a popular service. Our company also provides everyone the opportunity to rent a car with driver for a very short time, and in the long-term use.

Rental car with driver is not only extremely convenient and comfortable option for many of our contemporaries. In some situations, it is the only available option for urgent travel around the city. There are situations when you urgently need somewhere to go and travel by own vehicle is not possible. For example, this can happen due to illness, poor health, repair of personal car and much more. In these cases one call can solve all the problems. You will soon be able to rent a car with driver for hours or enjoy a long lease of car with driver.

Variety of cars with driver for rent.

Pilot Auto offers its customers an incredibly wide selection of cars to rent in private car Park. There are vehicle brand for every taste and budget, and for any purposes and tasks. For example, if you require a long term rental of car with driver for trips around town and beyond it, the ideal option for you would be to take the car of the middle class or to arrange the hire of business class car with driver.

For travel to important events and serious meeting, we recommend you to use the services of rental car with driver of higher status. It can be rent a Executive car with a driver or a car from the category Exclusive. Park our company of such vehicles is particularly large, because Executive cars rental with driver in recent times has become increasingly popular.

Advantages of the use of high-end vehicles to rent with driver.

Services rent car with driver gaining crazy popularity. This occurs for a number of reasons. Primarily affects the usability of such services. Additionally, the price of renting a car with a driver is much less than if you for these purposes used the services familiar to us all taxis. Also important is the safety of all hired drivers receive special training, have vast driving experience and undergo regular medical examination.

The benefits of car rental in our company.

Rental car with driver for business or any other class in Auto-Pilot, you will get:

  • new, clean and technically perfect vehicle;
  • balanced, polite and well trained drivers with extensive experience and knowledge of the city;
  • the low cost and convenience of ordering.

Rent a car with driver: prices and tariffs.

For its customers, the company "Pilot Auto" offers a great variety of models to rent a car with driver. Based on your goals, we will help to choose and advise what the rate will be most beneficial in a particular case.

The most common rate for "Hourly" means the rental with driver services by the hour. The minimum period of time for rental cars and economy cars of the middle class is 3 hours, business 4 hours. Also included time for the supply of machines (1 hour).

If you need our help when traveling from the airport, take advantage of the tariff "transfer" or "Airport". The first is valid for 2 hours, the second – 3. If the use of these rates was exceeded, will be calculated on an hourly rate.

Tariff "business day" is available during the weekday from 9.00 – 18.00. It is an indispensable service for business people.

Attention! Prices for rates apply with weekdays 10.00 – 20.00, after this time and on weekends the cost increases by 30%. The need to hire a driver after midnight negotiated with each client individually.

More information about prices for each category of car you can learn directly from a representative of the company "Pilot Auto", phone +7 (495) 790 30 57 or leaving your room in the request for a call back.






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