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Rent a car for any period of time and with the right of redemption.


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Best rent cars for any period of time.

Having your own car is a big advantage in the conditions of modern life. For most people, a car is indispensable for the solution of daily matters. But what to do if a car caught in a repair or the time came to perform maintenance? Specialized company "Pilot-Auto" offers you not to lose time in public transport or waiting for a taxi. We provide rental cars for every taste, color and purse.

Car rental – is a convenient service for every driver, besides our rent car without Deposit. Even urgently you can contact the representatives and seek assistance with car rental in Moscow. In the fleet there is a wide range of models from economy class to exclusive offers. Depending on the purpose, objectives and your requirements, the managers of "Pilot-Auto" to quickly identify the options for rentals at any time. Using the website, itself you can also choose a car to drive around the city. Car hire in Moscow – a great offer for people who know the value of time.


Car hire with purchase option.

Car rental without Deposit in Moscow is not the only thing specializiruetsya "Pilot-Auto". We also offer rent a car with the possibility of his redemption. That is, any car from "Pilot-Auto" could be yours!

Such service is irreplaceable for customers who are not easy to select a model, referring to the characteristics and test drives. Rent a car in Moscow without bail gives you the opportunity to test cars on our roads, to feel it and to decide on the purchase. Rent a car in Moscow with a subsequent purchase is popular among regular customers. Very often, you take the car for temporary use and understand, that this car suits the driver. In that case, why postpone the search and purchase for later, if already, the car will always remain yours. Hire car in Moscow on "Pilot-Auto" - this is a great opportunity to buy a car.

Separately it should be noted that all of the vehicles are transmitted at the rental regularly and IT is not given in the use in the event of a fault. All questions regarding payment of funds to lease and subsequent redemption are discussed with each client individually. However, we always meet the client and can make an individual graph for calculations. Our car rental without driver and car rental without Deposit – is safe!


Rent a car from "Pilot-Auto": the benefits of redemption.

The company "Pilot-Auto" you will find the approach to any client. Regardless of whether you need to rent a car without driver, rent a car in airport, rent a car-taxi without bail in Moscow or with the subsequent redemption, we will talk about all fees that the client is satisfied. Rent a car with Deposit is available for foreign residents, if you have the capital and residence, the car will be yours in just 30 minutes after contacting the managers.

If you wish to take the car with the possibility of foreclosure, you will be surprised by the large number of advantages of this service. First, you can always change your choice. That is, to use one car, e.g. car hire at the airport, and later to renew the deal for another model. This way you will be able to choose the most comfortable car to drive. Second, the diverse lineup allows you to find a transport under any criteria and characteristics.

Third, when making a demand additional information. Need only document a driver's license and passport with a mark about registration and the capital or region.

Fourth, the amount for the car once you include all the costs of maintenance and insurance. This amount is usually 15%-20% of the total value of the car. Thus, once having paid, you will no longer have to worry about the condition of the car, and not have to waste time on passage.

Fifth, you have the option to determine the schedule of payments with a fixed amount. Besides, the variant of sale of the car in installments.

Due to the possibility of car rental with subsequent purchase, you'll clearly know what you pay the money and, in addition, will save money and time.


What are our requirements to take a car in rent-to-own?

At the conclusion of the transaction for car rental in Moscow without a driver, we need to be sure that the transport time will be exploited in the capital. At the same time, we do not put any restriction on mileage and mileage. Desirable residence in Moscow, but, if not, you still have the possibility of hire. Registration allows you to rent with redemption without mandatory first payment, and to arrange the rent a car without Deposit.

With the aim to take our car purchase, all customers of "Pilot-Auto" required to undergo verification of our security team. After summing up the result will be known about the possibility of cooperation. Our company does not require any reference to the place of work or your ability to pay. Another important selection criterion is the driving experience not less than year.

The lease and the buyout is subject to the following conditions:

- guaranteed payment for a car according to the schedule in the prescribed monetary amount;

- timing on the performance of the contract shall not exceed more than two years. Possible early repayment or the renewal of a one-year deal;

- rental cars, the price listed on the website is only subject to insurance and the last inspection under the leadership of "Pilot-Auto".


How to take the car in rent-to-own in "Pilot-Auto"?

If renting a car in Moscow without a driver-to-own is your choice to determine the model on our website. There all the cars are divided into categories. Depending on Finance, there are cars like family and luxury. When you have decided, contact the sales Department to clarify all the nuances. They also calculate the cost of the transaction and will voice it.

The next step is providing your data for the security check. Rent a car without a driver with the right of redemption is made in the contract that specifies all the information about the timing, amount and payment. The contract is an important document that we sign with each client for security purposes.

You have the opportunity to pick up the car from the fleet or to order a certain model, which will be delivered in the near future (2-3 days). For pre-order, you need to pay 15% of the transaction value.

The machine is fully transferred into the possession of the customer upon termination of the contract and payment on it. In the payment is included , directly, rents and the redemption value. This is also documented by registration of necessary documents of transfer of ownership.

All information on renting can be obtained from the representatives of "Auto-Pilot" by phone +7 (495) 790 30 57, via Skype or email. On call around the clock is a technical Department +7 (929) 30 590 57 for relevant issues.






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